Structural engineering for new and existing construction, all types of repair, erection and demolition work for bridge and catenary structures, bridge replacement and temporary bridges. Formwork, scaffolding, shoring, reshoring, fall protection systems, horizontal and vertical life lines, shielding, rigging, lifting beams, heavy lift design, gantry crane, derrick and custom jib attachments for construction equipment.


Design of various types of support of excavation such as soldier piles, secant piles, sheet piles, liner plates, tiebacks, soil anchors, helical piles, underpinning, jacking and receiving pits for micro tunneling operations. Anchor and pile load test planning and monitoring during load test.


Trestle design for static and dynamic (crane) loads. Crane heavy lift design. Crane on barge stability analysis. Pile driving systems. Cofferdam design. Erection and demolition of marine and bridge structures, including bascule bridge counterweight cutting and debris containment. Barge coastal tow design for sea motion induced dynamic loads, support design for fixed derricks, boom and counterweight during tow.